The Problem we solve:

Nikolas Cruz – Lakeland Florida Shooter.

The Solution: 
he Opto-Screen App was designed as a tool to support a Clinical Assessment.  Diagnostic information with regards to the presence of an abnormal eye condition is made solely by the examining physician after examining Opt-Screen images.

We pride ourselves on being able to assist and protect the medical community. We hope our users are able to see the potential of our product and utilize it to benefit society. We have been granted a US Patent on January 22, 2019, Number: 10,182,755.

Our Mission

The mission for our company is to provide optical diagnostic information and artificial intelligence for physicians treating patients for depression and anxiety. Entering a photo of a patients pupils and iris, in the medical record will help strengthen the patient-physician interaction and help document important side-effects. The company is based on an important medical discovery made by Dr. Ohayon in the pupils of patients taking anti-depressants medication.

The most important values for our company is our devotion to preventing violence and adverse health events in individuals and populations. We are committed to helping doctors, law enforcement officials and anti-terrorism professionals by providing technology and consulting.

The company vision is to become a global company in the development of mobile optical diagnostic information.

Ambition: Filtered photo image of very dark pupil and iris